Having already done logos for Millwood, the CEO of Millwood came to SDG for help in planning his wife’s 40th birthday party. What a fun project! The initial project was to be a slideshow consisting or pictures of his wife from her birth to present day. In addition, he wanted all of his precious family photos digitally archived because many of them had started to deteriorate. To preserve them for his children was very important to him. In the midst of working on this slideshow, he asked SDG to step in and come up with some concepts for the party invitation since the ideas that he had been given from another source were not working for him. 

Killerwebs loves these projects because they’re personal. We can dive in and have fun and imagine how would we like these types of things if these were for us! Of course, the input from the client is key. This particular project was fun because he wanted to make this milestone for his wife a celebration. His wife was really into dancing as a teenager and even to this day the client often spies his wife dancing through out their home or breaking out into cheerleader routines in their kitchen. When coming up with the idea for this invitation, it occurred to us that we should consider the fact that the slideshow was going to be a big part of this party. It was in essence, a movie about his wife’s life! So, how are movies promoted? With movie posters, of course! And being a child of the 1980s, what big dance movies where there – Flashdance, Fame and Footloose, right? So the inspiration for the “forty” logo came from the movie Fame. The content of the invitation evolved from there. The invitation was a huge hit according to our client and the feedback he received from his partygoers were extremely enthusiastic.