My logo has never felt right. It never clicked with me and with as often as I a create things for clients, you’d think I’d be inspired. But I wasn’t. To be honest, I have never liked my logo…. that is, until now. I decided it was time to switch things up even though I had updated my logo just last year. I decided that what I had was too blah and it didn’t really say anything about me and what it is that I do. The truth of the matter is that I wear many hats – not only professionally but personally. On a personal level, I am a mom, a widow, a caregiver, a nurse and cook. On a professional level, I not only design websites but graphics, logos and communications materials, I also do some Human Resources, marketing, social media marketing and now, photography. How could one logo tell that story?

Well, one logo can’t. The circles and color in the logo and the chaos in which they are arranged represent the many things that I do – juggling with LOTS of balls up in the air. The film strip? Well, that’s the obvious part! :) I wanted something brighter and happier. And I think I accomplished that goal with this new logo:

Killerwebs Design unveils new logo - April, 4, 2012