Whatever you do....DO NOT freak out!

In this current economy, it’s hard to keep a business afloat let alone hire the good people it takes to keep it that way. And you can’t have a successful company without proper marketing. This means, you need a website, you need business cards, you need stationery, you need marketing collateral…YOU NEED A MARKETING DEPARTMENT. But you can’t have a marketing department without a head of marketing. And then the head of marketing needs to have a graphic designer…and a web designer…and a copy writer. How on earth could you afford that?!

So, I ask you…what’s it worth to you?

Killerwebs Design is proficient in graphic design….web design….photography…writing…Killerwebs Design has run advertising campaigns..has launched full/operational websites in less than a week and can turn around custom designed marketing collateral so fast it will make your head spin and your competitors green with envy. But…you can’t afford the salaries of the a graphic designer.. a web designer … a photographer …let alone a marketing manager.

Introducing the $150/month Virtual Marketing Department package. For $150/month you can retain the services of Killerwebs Design for all of your marketing needs up to 5 hours per month. My usual fee is $50/hour. So not only is this a great discount for 5 hours worth of work but you will be getting the experience of  FOUR separate employees at your disposal for a very competitive price.

What does this mean?

Killerwebs Design will bill you monthly for $150 (due Net10). Each month you are allotted 5 hours of work to use as you wish. Do you need a website design? Do you need an advertisement designed? Pictures taken? Your website updated? Do you need someone to Tweet for you or update your Facebook status? How you use your 5 hours is up to you so long as it falls into my area of expertise.

Contact me today to discuss your needs. You will be on your way to marketing your business as if you had a full marketing department on staff!