I have made it no secret that my passion for photography took a turn when I started to take pictures at Rick Springfield concerts. It was like something woke up inside and I knew what I wanted to do. When you love to do something so much that it doesn’t feel like work, then you know you’ve found what you should be doing for the rest of your life, right? That is what they say anyway. Well, I can’t live on memories alone so I continue to do what puts food on the table and a roof over my head. THANKFULLY I get an opportunity like this come up every once in a while and I have Rick to thank for feeding that insatiable desire in me to be in the middle of a thunderous crowd and capturing his concerts in photos. On a personal note, I can relive these shows each time I look at the images. And since I live in an area that doesn’t see many shows (his last time to play IN Utah was in 2009!!), I have to travel great distances to attend any of them. I had a Rick fan tell me recently that my pictures capture what the fans are feeling. I loved that. I think with photography every photographer has their own style – much like painters do. As my pictures have evolved, I am learning at each show and the pictures are almost starting to take themselves.

For this show, I asked Rick for permission to photograph it (since the venue banned large cameras). He was so gracious to grant permission and I was so excited to try out my big monster lens at show 1 and then pull out my trusty go-to lens for show 2. I can’t justify the expense of truly professional equipment ($5000+ for the good cameras and that is WITHOUT a lens! Who wants to fund my habit? HA HA!) but my mid-range consumer dSLR and lenses do a pretty adequate job I think. Please check out the full gallery over on my photography website: Rick Springfield Nashville 2016.

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