Me & my Mom (a hero of mine) cutting a new rug in 2010. I miss my Mom.

Writing about myself is probably one of my least favorite things to do. I have been doing website design since 1995 and I am all about getting it done for clients but admittedly, I let my own websites fall by the wayside. But it’s a NEW DAY! So, here I am… and will be until 2035 when I update my website again. 😉

You might call me an Internet Pioneer. I began my sojourn into website design waaaaay back in 1995 – back when they called it the World Wide Web – do they still call it that? Back then you got on the Internet with a phone line and you did it by subscribing to an online service like America Online, Compuserve or Prodigy. I was a Prodigy girl – totally immersed in the different bulletin boards dedicated to movies and music. In my case, my bulletin board of choice was for the Last of the Mohicans – MOHECKIES UNITE! It was a group dedicated to everything Mohicans including Daniel Day-Lewis – what can I say? He was cut and in a loin cloth – what’s an early 20-something girl to do? I met some life long friends on that bulletin board and some other people who to this day try to ride that Moheckie Train to prolong their 15 minute of “fame”. I’d think it’s cute but after 24 years, c’mon let’s move on, folks.

The other love of my life at the time was country music. I was a BIG fan. I even created my own country music newsletter, “employed” fans from around the country to write articles, concert reviews, etc. I’d compile everything monthly, lay it all out, print it, and mail it to hundreds of fellow country music fans. This effort caught the attention of the fine folks at Prodigy who one day contacted me to ask if I’d be interested in heading up their country music interest group on their service. I’d get paid to hang out in my jammies, talk to other country music fans and maintain their country music website. Sounds great, I said! Being a college student, I was for anything that didn’t require that #1 get dressed and #2 stray too far from my bed or kitchen. The thing is I had NO idea what a website was.

It started simple enough. Prodigy provided an electronic interface for me to share links to other country music resources. It was basic and sadly VERY BORING. I was discovering that other websites looked way cooler than mine and I was starting to get self-conscious about what I was doing. I mean, I wanted little ants that followed the cursor on my webpage too, darnit! But how do I make that happen?

Thanks to a little thing called “view source” I was able to teach myself HTML. College wasn’t offering web design classes so I had to wing it. The long of the short is that I’ve been winging it ever since. 100% self-instructed, paved with late nights watching code load on my screen and shifting my eye for newsletter layout over to digital design, I have spent the last 25 years honing skills that I didn’t get from a book or instructor. I just evolved on my own.

For the past 25 years I have worked on digital marketing for country music, city governments, restaurants, retail, film festivals, sports, manufacturing – you name it. One of my original clients – country music recording artist and writer, David Lee Murphy who hired me in 1996 remains a client to this day. I am very proud of the work I have done for him. I am honored to work with him as his digital marketing person specializing in his website and social media presence.

25 years is a long time to amass a large client list and sadly lots of these clients have come and gone, their digital footprints fading or gone. But my most recent clients include The Long Island International Film Expo (website & graphic design), The Queens World Film Festival (graphics designer for their collateral material), Rick Springfield documentary: An Affair of the Heart (website & graphic design), the Summit Academy Health & Wellness Fair (website, graphic design & marketing) and Power Line Industries (website, graphic design, marketing, art director).

Me ca. 1975 practicing my photography technique.

I have recently opened an Etsy Store. After spending years raising my daughter and throwing her epic birthday parties, it occurred to me that perhaps there may be a need out there for other moms looking to throw epic parties for their kids but don’t know where to start. I suppose graphic designers are a dime a dozen these days vs when I first started out but what’s going for me is that not many can say they have nearly 30 years experience in digital graphic design. Combine that with my love of being a mom & throwing those crazy birthday parties, I think I have a lot to offer other parents out there. And I won’t gouge you. Throwing an epic birthday party or any celebration for that matter, shouldn’t break the bank.

That’s my professional life in a nutshell. Besides the digital part of my life, I enjoy photography, travel, concerts and my dogs (my daughter’s cat only tolerates me and allows me to live in my home). Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in hiring me. I am always looking for a great opportunity and am ready to help.