An Affair of the Heart is an independent documentary that tells the story of the unique relationship that musician and actor, Rick Springfield has with his fans. Being an independent film, the budget was tight and they were in desperate need of a website that would support the marketing efforts needed to get the film out to the masses. Just two weeks prior to their very first rough cut screening of the film in Rick’s current hometown of Malibu, California, they put out a call to anyone would be able to help them. I contacted the producer and let her know that not only was I a HUGE fan of Rick’s but I had been doing web design for a long time. I was happy to assist them. I built their website in 7 days on the WordPress platform. It has since morphed into a static site on the front side (at the urging of the film distributors who ultimately purchased the movie) but the members only area which was a subscription based website to help raise money for the film remains as WordPress. In addition to the website, I have helped administer the movie’s Facebook page, created marketing graphics and have photographed their appearance at the Florida Film Film Festival in 2012.